Evolution Air Team

Customer service

Sarah Duncan
Customer Service
For full service customer support, you can reach Sarah directly at (916) 644-1562 or email her at Sarah@evolution-air.com
Rachel Meeker
Support Services
Rachel provides high level support to the Customer Service team and can be reached directly at (916) 644-1572 or email Rachel@evolution-air.com


Dawn Meeker
For Finance, Insurance and IT matters, you can reach Dawn directly at (916) 644-1570 or email Dawn@evolution-air.com
Cristan Schopen
For Human Resources, Payroll, Safety, Accounts Payable and other accounting issues, you can reach Cristan directly at (916) 644-1569 or email Cristan@evolution-air.com
Satomi Warden
Accounting / Operations
For Billing, Communications, Payroll and other accounting and operational issues, you can reach Satomi directly at (916) 644-1567 or email Satomi@evolution-air.com
Rob Jensen
Founder / CEO
Rob provides Project Estimating, Sales and general oversight of company operations. He can be reached at (916) 408-6616 or email Rob@evolution-air.com
Steve Benner
Field Foreman
In addition to expert technical troubleshooting and repair skills, Steve provides ongoing support, guidance and assistance to all Evolution Air Field Technicians. Steve can be reached directly at (916) 826-5319 or email Steve@evolution-air.com
Eric Neves
Controls/Service Manager
With 12 years of experience with Johnson Controls, WattMaster, and a variety of other logics, Eric provides technical support along with building control and energy management solutions to all of our customers. Eric can be reached directly at 916-870-1097 or Eric@evolution-air.com